Minimum System Requirements: Windows 10 or higher, .NET Framework 4.6, 8GB RAM, 20GB of free space

Download Fourth Quadrant

Installing Fourth Quadrant

Before you start

When installing Fourth Quadrant for the first time Windows or Anti-virus may prevent Fourth Quadrant installation from running. Look out for warnings messages during installation – read the message carefully to determine how to allow the installation to proceed.

Should you continue to have difficulty, try disabling your Anti-virus for the duration of the installation. Remember to re-enable it after the installation completed successfully.

Step 1

This installation prompt will appear when you install Fourth Quadrant. Click “Install” and “Agree to the Terms of Use” to proceed with the installation process.

Step 2

The Fourth Quadrant installation process will download and install all the necessary files. If you have issues with the prerequisites like Microsoft SQL Server LocalDB see the steps below. Should you continue to have issues with your installation please see our Support page.

Trouble with Prerequisites?

Fourth Quadrant Prerequisites

Should your prerequisites fail to install during installation process you can manually download them and install them individually.

Microsoft 2017 SQL Express LocalDB

Microsoft .NET Framework 4.6

Or Microsoft 2014 SQL Express LocalDB x64 | x86 for Windows 7 version

Step 1: SQL Server LocalDB

This installation prompt will appear when you install Microsoft SQL Server Express LocalDB. Click “Next” to proceed with the installation process.

Step 2: SQL Server LocalDB

Wait for all the files to be installed and click “Finish”. LocalDB should now be installed and ready for use.

(Note: this will not appear on your desktop or in your Start menu.)

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