Physical Farm Insights
Choose the granularity of the data you want to record, report and compare. From basic monthly milk and animal figures to in-depth animal movements and accompanied statistics. Daily, monthly, annual and budget reporting is available depending on the granularity of data captured. This module also include stock control of all animals, fodder and fertilizer.
Complete Pasture Management
From the basics of weekly feed wedge, farm cover, grazing, and daily pasture management operations to monthly and annual pasture production and fertilizer reports, providing powerful drill-down and cross-checking abilities.
Financial Reporting
Although not book-keeping or financial management software, capturing your monthly financials and budget provides your with detailed reporting against your targets and the aggregate financial performance of other farm-regions. [Privacy and security is a top concern and has been boosted even further in Fourth Quadrant 2, aggregate performance figures are anonymised and does not reflect a single farm.]

More Features

Irrigation, Weather and other Events
Record your irrigation and rainfall to monitor the correlation between water, growth and other events that take place on your pastures.
Daily Overview and Timeline
Get a daily summary of your farm’s performance, including fodder used and stock and every event taking place on the pastures.
Extensive Reporting
Supplement analysis, Milk production, Margin analysis, and more per liter, per hectare and per cow.
Fertilizer Stock
In addition, to complete fertilizer analysis, keep track of fertilizer stock; deliveries and that which is used on and off your pasture platforms for a complete stock and usage overview.
Budgeting and Monitoring Targets
Comprehensive reporting of your farming operation allows you to recall past events and performance in order to better understand and budget for the future. Capture your budget and monitor the farm’s progress against these targets on the dashboard. Review farm manager performance even when you are not on-farm.
Fodder Stock Control
In addition to complete feed analysis, keep track of your precious fodder stock. From roughage made from your pastures to the concentrates and calf feeds. With the multi-dairy functionality, you have an overview of the entire farm’s feed usage and stock levels, even when you are not on-farm.
Daily stock totals, monthly animal recons ensures every animal is accounted for, whether purchased, sold, leased or just transferred between farms or dairies. With the multi-dairy functionality you see the numbers for individual dairies and the whole farm.
Paddocks from Geo-data
Import, update and amend your camps from a geo-referenced shape file. This removes the tedious and erroneous steps of creating your camps manually.